Episode #1: 7 Questions to Ask to Craft an Effective Marketing Strategy

Welcome to Hashtags and Habits, a weekly podcast designed to make digital marketing simple for small to mid-sized businesses. I’m Danni White, your host, and today I’m talking about how to craft a marketing strategy that matters for your business and for your customers in 2023 and beyond.

Are you targeting the right customers? What didn’t work last year? Are you ready to try something new?  How has the industry or landscape changed in the past year?  How are your customers changing and what are they asking for now? 

Let’s ask — and answer — these and other important questions that allow us to practically unpack your digital marketing strategy?

“Success leaves receipts” — as the saying goes. So let’s assess what has worked for your business by asking seven key questions that will shine some light on the marketing strategy to employ for your business in 2023 and beyond. Please join me. 

“Success leaves receipts. You’ll never know what is working – or what has worked – until you are able to take a step back and analyze.” – Danni White

In This Episode:

Seven key questions we cover:

  • What worked last year and how do we know it was successful?
  • Are you ready to try something new?
  • How are our customers changing and what are they asking for now?
  • What marketing channels gave us the most value for our budget?
  • How has our product or service changed — and is it for the better?
  • Did our budget align with an ROI that we are happy with? 
  • How has the industry or landscape changed?

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