Episode #14

Episode #14: Content Marketing, Content Scoring, and ChatGPT in 2023: My Interview with Tim Fitzpatrick

Listen in to my interview with Tim Fitzpatrick, CEO of Rialto Marketing. In this episode, we do a few rapid-fire questions (you will learn my “hidden talent”). We talked about some of the reasons businesses struggle to create content, why consistency in content creation matters, what content scoring is and when it should happen in the content lifecycle, and how ChatGPT is impacting the marketing industry as a whole.

New book coming July 31, 2023: ChatGPT for Content Marketing Success: A Step-by-Step Guide for Professional Service Company Owners to Creating Content Consistently. Pre-order your copy here: https://dwcreativepublishers.com/pre-order-your-copy-today-chatgpt-for-content-marketing-success/.

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