Episode #2: Email is Not Dead. Here’s 3 Reasons Why

Is email marketing still alive? Yes it is. Why you should be using it in your business is something I discuss on today’s episode of Hashtags and Habits. The best marketers know that email marketing still works and I have the statistics and data from McKinsey and Co. to prove it.

I’m your host, Danni White, and in this episode I also answer WHY we should still use email for our marketing purposes by providing three key reasons. Email allows you to create a consistent touchpoint with your customer, helps them remember you, and develop a connection that they value with you as you continue on your business journey with them. Among other things!

Remember: any one of your followers on social media can unfollow you at any time.  Unlike social media, you own your email database. How you look after that is up to you. My practical email marketing advice will help you do just that.  Please join me. 

“Email allows you to find out more about your customer. Every email you send can be considered an opportunity to learn more about your customer’s needs, wants, and desires.” – Danni White

In This Episode:

  • Is email marketing more effective than Facebook and Twitter?
  • Instagram shuts down — then what do you do?
  • What the email metrics mean to your business
  • Using email to brand your business in the minds of customers
  • Convert interests and clicks into purchases!

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