Episode #7: My Conversation with Sharron W. on “This Realm of Existence” Podcast

Hosting a podcast is fun, but being a guest on someone else’s podcast is even more fun. In this episode, I am sharing my conversation with Sharron W. on her podcast “This Realm of Existence,” which can be listened to on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. I met Sharron at Invest Fest 2022, which really shows the importance of networking and connecting with others.

In This Episode:

– My career path and journey to becoming a business owner

– Lessons I learned along the way

– Challenges I faced and how I overcame them

– Diversity and inclusion in the marketplace

– And one of my favorite topics of all — digital marketing

Subscribe to Sharron W.’s blog and podcast at https://www.thisrealmofexistence.com/.

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