Kevin D. Williams: The Language Revolution–How to Transform Industries through Customer-Centric Communication

In this episode, Kevin Williams, a world-class certified speaking coach and bestselling author, joins me. Kevin shares his inspiring journey from struggling with a marketing agency to becoming a sought-after speaker and coach. He provides valuable insights on crafting compelling stories and narratives using the “9 Cs of Storytelling” framework.

Kevin also offers insights for business owners on improving their public speaking abilities, connecting with audiences through customer-centric language, and excelling at networking events. He further emphasizes the power of unlocking opportunities through purposeful communication and becoming a world-class speaker.

Join now and be inspired!


[00:00] Introduction and Background

[01:16] Kevin’s Journey to Becoming a Speaker

[04:50] The significance of competing in the World Championship

[08:53] Challenges faced in articulating compelling stories

[09:27] The role of coaching for effective communication

[09:43] The 9Cs of storytelling

[15:16] Kevin’s practical teaching approach and its impact on children’s public speaking abilities

[16:04] Communicating like a third grader for customer-centric language

[16:26] How business owners can secure speaking engagements

[18:37] Networking Tips for Introverts and Extroverts

[22:40] Things you need to do to stand out at networking events

[24:07] Training employees for customer-centric communication

[25:04] Using AI to Simplify Customer-Centric Communication

[26:22] Kevin’s storytelling program and resources

[29:14] The PITCH Acronym for Effective Communication


● Speaking is 10% talent and 90% tools. We teach you the tools.

● In business, you think like a CEO but communicate like a third grader. If a third grader can understand what you’re saying, you don’t have to worry about whether adults can understand.

● You have to show on these social media streets that this is what you do, in spite of being a business owner. I speak on whatever topic is in your industry or profession, right? You have to let people see that because just because you have learned the art of speaking doesn’t mean people will reach out to you.

● Whether you’re in the networking event arena, keep unlocking opportunities. You don’t know what person or persons has your key, but if you’re not communicating or networking, you’ll never receive the key to unlock that door.

● Networking will open more doors than any degree ever will. When it comes to professional speaking, be world-class. Don’t just be a speaker; become what I call a world-class speaker.


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